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Central Missouri Home Inspections (CMHI) inspects EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) and Stucco. Both Stucco and EIFS can appear similar at first glance. However, while one is synthetic and the other is an actual layer of rock finish. These exterior finishes should be inspected by a trained and certified EIFS inspector.

With the proper tools, the condition of the exterior can be documented and repairs are recommended if needed. As a trained Thermographer and experienced ASHI building inspector, I use experience and building diagnostic training to investigate and provide detail that will inform you on the condition of the subject property. For moisture analysis, we use high-quality infrared cameras and use non-invasive or invasive moisture meters to investigate building conditions to help determine the source. 

Damaged or improperly applied EIFS or Stucco can lead to moisture penetration to the house. Risk factors include structural damage, mold, and interior water pooling/flooding. 

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