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Thermography (or infrared imaging) is a non-invasive tool that uses an infrared camera to produce images (thermograms) that show the patterns of heat and heat loss in a house.

While a tool hasn’t been developed that sees through walls, thermal imaging can still bring a great deal of value to your home inspection. Infrared technology is a noninvasive way to pinpoint issues that relate to heat discrepancies, like leaks, plumbing issues, and electrical malfunctions.

Anyone can pick up a thermal camera but only a certified thermographer has been trained to recognize the data. 

CMHI offers a certified thermographer inspection. 

Even current homeowners with no intentions of selling would benefit from having a thermal inspection done. Infrared technology is a good addition to a visual inspection and doesn't negate the need for an inspector with experience and knowledge of all systems that make up a home. As always, choose wisely!

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